Are You or a Loved One
Experiencing Anxiety Symptoms?

anxiety symptoms

Anxiety symptoms can be mild to crippling. Consider these symptoms:

  • Anxious feelings have you preoccupied and worried much of the time?

  • Do you feel stressed and irritable these days, but suspect that this is just the way life is?

  • Are you anxious around others, about your thoughts, about the uncertain future?

Anxious feelings can take up a lot of space in your mind. As you rehearse events or conversations that seem difficult, or repetitively think over interactions that have already occurred, it is hard to stay focused and to simply trust yourself.

Anxiety can show up in many ways, such as feeling constantly keyed up or on edge, feeling restless, being easily fatigued or having excessive irritability. Anxiety can disrupt an individual’s ability to sleep or gain restful sleep, or cause difficulty with focus and concentration. Sometimes anxiety is experienced as fear, such as fear of losing control, or fear of bad things happening, or excessive worry and concern. There is HOPE!!! anxiety symptoms The good news is that people seeking treatment for anxiety have a high success rate when deeply motivated to improve their lives. Through the process of insight and self-awareness, you can regain a sense of well being within yourself and with those who you care most about.

But the first step to addressing your anxiety and regaining your life is to contact me. I know how to diagnose the causes of your attacks and I can guide you in developing the skills needed to be free from the clutches of anxiety symptoms.

Learn to feel more confident, relaxed, worry free within yourself and around others.

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