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counseling techniques

1. How much will it cost?

If you have health insurance, I will be happy to check the details of your benefits before your first visit to make sure you are covered to see me.

2. What is most essential in choosing a counselor?

Research shows consistently that no matter what counseling method is used, the connection between you and your counselor is the essential factor in your feeling better about yourself and your life.

counseling techniques

I work hard to create a safe and supportive relationship in our relationship. My clients are heard, acknowledged and supported because I know this is THE most important ingredient to personal and relationship transformation.

In addition to deep listening, it is also very helpful to have someone provide guidance with difficult feelings and situations. My clients tell me they appreciate my sensitivity and being an active pragmatic participant in their sessions.

3. Can you accommodate to my schedule?

Sessions can be scheduled during the day or early evenings. In order to obtain the best results, I highly recommend and believe in the effectiveness of regular visits. Research has shown that a regular meeting time is one of the most important components of therapy. Please take a look at your schedule and think about what an appropriate, consistent time for to schedule your counseling would be.

4. How often can I come in?

The frequency of your visits will be up to us do decide together. Assume you will need to plan for a series of regular weekly visits to get off to a good start. At times, schedules permitting, I may recommend more frequent sessions if your situation warrants this. Regularity is a very effective element in counseling. It can also take some time for you to get use to trusting and opening up to me. Often people are coming in for problems they have been struggling with for quite awhile; so you may experience prompt relief with my counseling techniques, but to sustain the change will probably take a bit more effort and time.

5. Where are you located?

My office is located near the John Wayne airport, near the Campus and MacArthur intersection. I will provide specific directions when you schedule your first appointment.

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