Family Counseling
for Teens and Parents

family counseling

Family counseling can help with any of these situations and more:

Is your teen withdrawn, depressed or just plain angry?

Are you worried about school grades or attendance problems?

Concerned about drugs and alcohol, peer influence or troublesome behavior?

These can be tough problems to tackle. You do not have to live with talking back, ignoring and eye-rolling.

Kids who are stealing, getting suspended and refusing to do their part can be headed in the wrong direction. In these situations, no one, including your child/teen is happy. Something has gone awry!! Your child may very well be calling out for help with their troubling behavior.

Teens and parents may need direction to successfully navigate the difficult period of adolescence when their body and minds are changing in rapid and often confusing ways.

By making a decision to seek mental health services for your child, you will discover there is much to be gained from family counseling and very little risk.

This decision is one of the more difficult yet courageous ones a parent must make. It can evoke feelings of anxiety and fear of judgment. Your child may object and the prospect of reckoning with this day may be dreaded.

"I want to reassure you that these feelings are normal and understandable. I know this to be true after spending 30 years working with parents and their children."

family counseling Research on the reality of teens' lives confirms that parents may underestimate their exposure to challenges involving drugs, sexuality and other serious concerns. An experienced professional can serve as a bridge between your teens outside world, to help them navigate tough situations in their social world school and in the family.

With the right help, you can see your child and family happy, healthy and loving again.

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